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5 Pokemon Yellow glitches

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yo, Pokemon Yellow Glitches on the house!

Glitch city

1. Go to saffari Zone with a pokemon that knows FLY.

2. Go inside.

3. Attempt to leave

4. Say NO

5. Turn off then on again

6. Leave.

7. FLY anywhere

8. go to any route

9. walk 500 steps

10. get out of saffari zone

11. ta-daaaaaaaaaa! you’re in glitch city!


Cut glitch

1. Use cut on a tree


3. Turn off then back on.

4. Taaaaaaa- Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You just used the cut glitch!



1. Catch a pokemon with a special stat of 67 or something.

2. Find a trainer. Stay 1 step out of sight.

3. take 1 step towards ‘im.

4. Press start, quick!

5. Use FLY. Select Cinnibar Island.

6. he won’t notice ya. You’ll just fly away.

7. now, go to Pokemon mansion with the pokemon with the special stat of 67.

8. Kill 1 ditto but let it copy that pokemon now KILL IT!

9. go to nugget bridge in Ceruleon City. The start  menu will pop up. Take it off. You’ll be against MissingNo. Don’t worry, HE DOES’NT KILL YOUR SAVE FILE! That, my freind, is M’.

10. Catch it, kill it, I don’t care.


1. Finally, MEW!

2. Do the same thing you did to catch MissingNo.

3. Use a pokemon with a Special stat of 21 for this one, though.

Other uses for the mew glitch.

Use other special stats for many Glitch pokemon, Trainers AND Pokemon like Dragonite.

They will all be at Lv.7 please take note of that.

The 1st glitch city I found




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